What is Liberalism

What is Liberalism?. It is a political orientation which favors the social progress by implementing law and reform rather than revolution. It is the belief in the importance of equal rights and liberty. This ideology began in the 18th century, which was a movement to self government and away from aristocracy. The ideology includes: The primacy of the individual or the nation, ideas of self determination, opposed to the state, family, economy and politics. Aristocracy is a government form in which the best qualified rule.

What is liberalism fundamental idea?. This political movement supports such fundamental ideas which are the following: Liberal democracy, human rights, constitutionalism, fair and free elections, freedom of religion and free trade. Its known that these ideas are accepted widely and by political groups that do not profess a liberal ideological orientation. An ideological orientation is an orientation which characterizes the thinking of a nation or group. Liberalism includes several traditional and intellectual trends. Its most dominant variants are: Social and Classical liberalism.

What is classical liberalism?. Classical liberalism was developed in the 18th century and became very popular in the Americas and Western Europe. Is defined as a philosophy, which is committed to the ideology of limited government, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press and free markets. It advocated a specific kind of government, public policy and society required as a result of the urbanization and industrial revolution. Classical liberalism was known to be a dominant political theory on the United Kingdom during the 18th century until the First World War.

What is social liberalism?. Also known as Modern liberalism, it is the belief of having social justice included on this ideology. It believes that the legitimate role of the state includes: Unemployment, health care, addressing economic and education. Social liberalism views the good of the community as harmonious with the freedom of all individuals. This ideology parties and ideas tend to be considered centre left or centrist. Centrism also known as centre left is the practice or ideal to promote policies which stands different from the standard political right and political left. This ideal tends to focus on policies such as: Human rights, civil liberties; social and economic liberalism.

What is Liberalism International?. Liberal International is an international political federation for liberal parties. This international federation has become the strengthening of liberalism around the world and the leading network for liberal parties. It was established in 1947 in the city of Oxford. Their main principles are the following: Social justice, tolerance, environmental sustainability, respect for human rights, fair and free elections and sense of solidarity. A few members of this international federation are the following countries: Cuba, Angola, Costa Rica, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Norway, etc.

What is liberalism when regarded as modern in the United States?. The Modern American variant is known as a form of social liberalism. It was developed from progressive ideals such as: John F. Kennedy New Frontier, Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom, etc. American Liberalism includes African American voting rights, gay rights, education, health care and abortion rights for women. It combines social Progressivism and social liberalism with the support a mixed economy and welfare state. Here, at whatisliberalism.com you will be provided with lots more of information in our other pages.

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