Social Liberalism. Social Justice.

Social Liberalism is the belief that social justice is an integral part of liberalism. This means that all people have a right to the chance to live a fulfilling life, and that the government should take steps to ensure that this is possible. Social liberals believe in the importance of government welfare systems to take care of the segments of people in society who need help. For example, this would include caring for issues such as unemployment, health care, and education. Social liberals believe that in order to create a harmonious society, these should be available to all people. Thus, it is the government's role to step in and make sure that these services are available to all. This includes, at times, raising taxes across the board, or particularly among the wealthiest individuals in a society, so that people with fewer resources can have health care or education accessible to them through a subsidized government program.

A very good example of the ideals of social liberalism in action was the 'New Deal' policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. At the height of the Great Depression, Roosevelt's administration enacted a number of measures, such as social security, to ensure that citizens were taken care of in times of need. This belief in social justice is a type of modern liberalism. Classical liberals were against government interference in the economy or society, and believed instead that each individual in society, when given liberty and personal freedom, would be able to thrive without any help from the government. In many ways, the views of the classical liberalism were actually more in line with those of today's social conservatism. Today's social conservatives would also be against increased government spending in order to provide services for the less wealthy members of society.

In addition to believing that the government should provide services such as health care, education, welfare, social security, and unemployment benefits, social liberals are also focused on expanding civil rights. They believe in social equality for all people, and feel that no person should be discriminated against because of ethnicity, race, skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. Social liberalism generally a very accepting and progressive form of political ideology.

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