Criticism Of Liberalism

Liberalism is a political ideology that has benefited from both criticism and support throughout the history, like any other political ideology. There are many areas in which liberalism has been either criticized or supported and this is what this article is about. Here one can read more about the critique and support of liberalism as a political ideology.

Liberalism criticism, no matter that it is about social liberalism or modern liberalism, has been strongly perpetuated by the feminist groups. They argue that the social order imposed by liberalism is inconsistent with the need of eradicating gender inequality in the world's political system and society at the same time. At the same time, others have considered that liberalism in itself can actually contribute to promote better gender policies through liberalism by arguing that liberal feminism can actually be included into an expanded liberalism on which one can build a political structure that would ultimately include women. As one might expect, conservatism followers have been much more critical when it comes to liberalism. They argue that liberalism fails to provide the power of rationality and the natural equality of all humans while pursuing material gains and progress in a reckless manner. In many conservatives' opinions, liberalism undermines the traditional values of the society as they are known to be rooted in the community and its continuity.

Throughout the history, the major critique has been carried out between the two sides, conservatives and liberalists. Eve historically speaking, the two ideologies have been regarded as incompatible together and have been developed as one opposing the other. For instance Karl Marx, one of the founding fathers of socialism, rejected the very foundation of liberalism by hoping to fuse the society with the individual, contrary to the ideology of liberalism itself. Thus, liberalism and its criticism have evolved in a rather diverged manner throughout the history, with some supporting it and others opposing its very foundations.

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